Workers’ Comp System Engagement

Within Texas:

  • Dr. Tonn has almost 30 years of experience in advising employers, law firms, payers, regulators and other system players on program and case specific strategies, including 12 years of continual service as a “Designated Doctor” on claims assigned by the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.
  • OccMD was integral in establishing and supporting a highly successful pre-authorization claims management program for one of America's largest employers, coordinating all components of review and achieving unmatched outcomes on over 100,000 claims.

Within Other States:
Following decades of process improvements and legal reforms, state workers’ compensation systems are at an advanced state of maturity. However:

· OccMD is now successfully engaged in other states.

· OccMD continually monitors legal developments and data in Texas and other state workers' compensation systems, seeing opportunities for improved injured worker outcomes and cost savings.

· Dr. Tonn specializes in identifying regulatory and operational inefficiencies in workers’ comp systems and developing new processes that significantly improve existing service models. She brings a fresh, entrepreneurial perspective to age-old problems, nationally.


· Extent of Injury and Causation. OccMD has a proprietary approach to analysis and documentation of the extent of injury and causation that dramatically improves medical outcomes and claim resolution.

· Training for Improved Client Service. Dr. Tonn and her team of nurses are in constant communication with medical directors and physicians at clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers. They have only begun to fill a huge training gap that causes these healthcare providers to underperform.

Examples of Dr. Tonn’s experience in training providers includes (but is not limited to) teaching within the University of Texas system and courses sponsored by the International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators (IAIME) and SEAK.