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OccMD relies upon respected physicians and specialists, a highly-qualified group of nurse case managers, and professional staff dedicated to achieving the best medical outcomes for the injured worker.

We continually focus on providing the most appropriate evidence-based treatment for the injury or illness, from the right provider, at the right time. OccMD avoids workers’ compensation system pitfalls by focusing on the acute injury, establishing an effective plan of treatment with the most qualified physician, and eliminating duplication, delay and the constant need for opinion-after-opinion. This results in high levels of satisfaction for injured workers and clients, including dozens of the most-respected employers headquartered across the U.S.

Dr. Tonn portrait photo

Melissa D. Tonn, M.D.

Founder and CMO

Dr. Melissa Tonn is one of the most respected occupational medicine physicians in America. She holds three degrees from Rice University and two degrees from the University of Texas, and is licensed to practice medicine in many states (including Texas, California and Florida). Dr. Tonn holds three teaching appointments within the University of Texas system, including Dell Medical School.

Dr. Tonn is board-certified in occupational medicine. As president and chief medical officer of OccMD Group, she delivers expertise on complex work injury issues, including extent of injury and return to work. Dr. Tonn has published papers on these and other subjects, including ground-breaking research in peer-reviewed medical journals found here. For decades, she has been integrally involved with workers’ compensation programs for major public and private employers, and served in leadership roles for large Texas and national occupational injury and disability professional associations and local non-profits.

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Bill Minick, J.D., LL.M.

Executive Vice President

Bill Minick is an attorney, risk management consultant and healthcare executive based in Dallas. He trained as an employee benefits, corporate merger & acquisition, and tax attorney with major law firms, developed many of the first alternative dispute resolution programs for employment-related claims and led the North Texas property and casualty operation for a global insurance broker. Bill pioneered Texas injury benefit programs and grew PartnerSource into the leading consulting firm for competitive alternatives to traditional workers’ compensation insurance. With a track record of individual and team successes, he advises large companies in retail, food service, healthcare and transportation and service providers on workers’ compensation programs that deliver better medical outcomes to millions of injured workers and billions of dollars in economic development.
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