The Evidence is in Our Outcomes

As the largest provider of medical management services for Texas injury benefit programs, OccMD has been integral to achievement of the industry’s outstanding performance, as seen in statistically credible research reports found HERE and HERE.  OccMD services have directly resulted in:

  • Access to better doctors
  • Improved quality of medical care
  • Frequency of severe, traumatic employee injury claims dropped by half
  • Fewer injured workers in need of hospitalization
  • Percentage of employees disabled dropped by a third
  • Percentage of litigated claims dropped by a third

The OccMD approach to medical management reduces “adverse surprise” cases, and results in better medical outcomes and higher overall employee satisfaction.

How Better Medical Outcomes Are Achieved
OccMD produces the best medical outcomes by:

· Attracting and directing medical care to highly-credentialed, high-performing medical providers, many of whom will not accept workers’ comp patients;

· Using Claim Referral Criteria that eliminate the concept of medical only vs. lost time claims;

· Early use of causation and extent of injury reports and peer reviews, eliminating duplication, and ensuring diagnostic treatment focused on the occupational injury;

· Injured worker health education and assistance in navigating the complexities of the health care landscape;

· Using work as a treatment modality;

· Monitoring physician practice patterns; and

· Critically assessing outcomes, such as number of office visits, amount of physical therapy (pre- and post-op), prescribing patterns and surgical re-do rates.